Everyone wants beautiful thick and strong hair.To maintain these simple below tips you love your hair very much and observe the difference.

1.Do hot oil scalp massage regularly.
2. Trim your hair between  6 to 8 weeks to avoid split ends.
3. Drink atleast 3 to 5 liters of water daily.
4. Brush your hair with care. Do not blow dry.
5. Use potato water as hair Conditioner treatment.
6. Stay away from silicon based hair care products
7. Use natural HAIR PRODUCTS only.
8. Do not apply conditioner on scalp directly.
9. Make use of SCARVES or HATS to avoid pollution and direct sun rays.
10. Never comb your hair when it is wet.
11. Use silk pillow covers to avoid hair friction.
12. Rinse your hair with cold water after shampooing to make it shine and look even more luscious than before.

Make use of the above home remedies for hair care and get ready to see amazing results!

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