Professor David Garvin categorized quality into 5 different approaches: the transcendent, the manufacturing-based, the user based, the product based and the value based. Making sure a product or service is "fit for its purpose" is which kind of approach? 

  1.    Manufacturing-based
  2.    Transcendent
  3.    Product based
  4.    User-based

The Operations view of Quality is "Quality is consistent conformance to customers' expectations". By this it is meant that: 

  1.    The product will be seen as synonymous with innate excellence
  2.    The product must be right every time irrespective of cost to the operation
  3.    Anything the customer wants and desires should be provided by the organization
  4.    There are clear specifications consistently met which provide customers with what they would realistically believe they should receive

Using Statistical Process Charts (SPC) on a process in control, what is the number of parts that will fall outside +/- 3 standard deviations of the mean? 

  1.    3 per thousand
  2.    0
  3.    63 per million
  4.    45 per thousand

The various definitions of quality do NOT include: 

  1.    The minimum specification approach
  2.    The manufacturing-based approach
  3.    The transcendent approach
  4.    The value-based approach

 Quality control charts does not need to be investigated when: 

  1.    Four consecutive points appear one side of the centre line
  2.    Suspiciously 'average' behaviour occurs
  3.    Two consecutive points are near the control limits
  4.    An apparent trend occurs in one direction

 If a sample of parts is measured and the average of the sample measurements is in the middle of the tolerance limit, but some parts measure too low and other parts measure too high: 

  1.    The process is neither capable, nor in control
  2.    The process is in control, with only natural causes of variation
  3.    The process is in control but not capable of producing within the established limits
  4.    The process is out of control
  5.    The process is in control, and no further action need be taken

 Which of the following statements is correct? 

  1.    Inspection is the most cost effective way of ensuring quality
  2.    Inspection always ensures that customers will be satisfied with goods and services
  3.    Inspection determines the root cause of product failures
  4.    Inspection separates acceptable from unacceptable products
  5.    Inspection provides the management information necessary to improve processes

Statistical Process Control is concerned with: 

  1.    Determining the efficiency of an operations system
  2.    Identifying the security needs of an Operations system
  3.    Inspecting goods before despatch
  4.    Measuring and controlling process variations
  5.    Measuring the amount of re-work required to rectify faulty goods

 Among the ‘Ten Determinants for Service Quality’ (Berry et al, 1985) are: 

  1.    Specification and Security
  2.    Courtesy and Comprehensiveness
  3.    Reliability and Reputation
  4.    Reliability and Responsiveness
  5.    Uniqueness and Universality

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