The long-term result of eliminating waste is___________

  1. Cost-efficient organization
  2. Quality-oriented organization
  3. Fast-response organization
  4. All of the above

Value starts in the marketplace when __________ must decide what the customer wants.

  1. accounting
  2. marketing
  3. production
  4. finance

The "ideal" product__________

  1. Meets or exceeds customer expectations
  2. Makes the best use of materials
  3. Can be manufactured with a minimum of waste
  4. All of the above

Waste, or cost, is added to the process when__________

  1. The right size of machine is used
  2. The process is being operated correctly
  3. The wrong tools and fixtures are used
  4. All of the above

Waiting time includes__________

  1. Operator time and material
  2. Operator time only
  3. Material only
  4. Neither of the above

__________ is done by the worker and can be used on all items where a sensory perception is sufficient.

  1. Self-check
  2. Source inspection
  3. Total employee involvement
  4. Overproduction

Parts can pass one by one, or in very small lots, from one workstation to the other in work cells. Benefits include________

  1. Queue times are increased.
  2. Lead times are increased.
  3. PAC and scheduling are simplified.
  4. Floor space needs are increased.

_________ is desirable so the company can react swiftly to changes in the volume and mix of their products.

  1. Process flexibility
  2. Machine flexibility
  3. Work cell flexibility
  4. Total quality management

Improved process and material flow________

  1. Is reduced as inventories are reduced
  2. Exposes problems in the production process
  3. Exposes problems in the materials control system
  4. All of the above

The benefits of a good quality program include______

  1. More scrap
  2. More rework
  3. More inventory
  4. Better on-time production

To achieve quality, organizations must consider_________

  1. Product policy
  2. Product design and manufacturing
  3. Final use of the product
  4. All of the above

Quality in manufacturing means that at a _________, all production must be within specification limits and the _______ variation from the nominal, the better the quality.

  1. minimum, less
  2. minimum, more
  3. maximum, less
  4. maximum, more

The most important dimensions of performance are________

  1. Reliability and durability
  2. Durability and maintainability
  3. Reliability and maintainability
  4. Reliability, durability, and maintainability

____________ means listening to the customer so goods and services meet customer needs at a low cost. It means improving design and processes to reduce defects and costs.

  1. A committed and involved management
  2. Focus on the customer
  3. Involvement of the total workforce
  4. Continuous process improvement

Customers want suppliers to have all of the following except______

  1. High quality level
  2. High flexibility to change
  3. High service level
  4. High variability in meeting targets

__________ answers the question—Does the product or service appeal to customers? (For example, the percentages of people who like certain features of a product.)

  1. Function
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Accuracy
  4. Quantity

___________ costs are the costs of correcting problems after goods or services have been delivered to the customers. (They include warranty costs, field serving of customer goods, and all the other costs associated with trying to satisfy customer complaints.)

  1. Internal failure
  2. Prevention
  3. Appraisal
  4. External failure

__________ implies people should feel ownership of the process they work with.

  1. Training
  2. Organization
  3. Local ownership
  4. Team

A tool may shift, a gauge may move, a machine may wear, or an operation may make a mistake. This is called __________.

  1. assignable variation
  2. statistical control
  3. random variation
  4. chance variation

In statistical process control the _______ specification limit is the minimum acceptable level of output.

  1. lower
  2. upper
  3. lower and upper
  4. none of the above

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