Difference between property type and control in pega

In general terms property is like a variable and property type is what kind of variable it is e.g., text, integer etc

And property control is a ui rule and this defines how do we wish to display our properties e.g., drop down, radio button etc

Difference between blocked and withdraw rules

If a rule is Withdrawn will leave the rule available in different versions in same class and uses the rule in parent class.

If blocked it doesn't bother to go and check previous versions or class hierarchy it throws an error message directly

For instance
Let say if work class have 3 versions and have a activity named "sample" in all three versions and there is and activity named "sample" in X-work class if the 01-02-05 sample activity having rule as withdrawn it doesn't consider to go to 01-01-02 instead it directly goes to X-work class and excecute that activity.
Similarly if 01-02-05 rule is blocked then it doesn't check to go to previous versions and check to run the rule instead it displays error message

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